Matthew Hansen


AOK Hessen

Leadership coaching in the context of a cultural change


Support of international management professionals in the context of a leadership development program


Training and coaching of junior managers in the context of a comprehensive leadership development program, incl. multiple development talks


Coaching support for officers leaving the German Armed Forces with focus on career development and a switch to the private sector

Leadership and Business Coach

Matthew Hansen

  • Coach Training Program, Co-Active Training Institute ​
  • Many years of experience in career coaching
  • Strong background in working with mid / upper-level executives
  • Coaching experience in multiple industries (public & private sector)

Matthew´s coaching activities started early on in his career, long before his actual training as a coach. The roots of this gradual process are found in his unique talent set – a highly relationship and influence oriented cluster of core strengths that predestined him for a future in coaching. His work in the field of career coaching has connected him with seasoned and upcoming business leaders worldwide. He has successfully coached professionals at all levels of company hierarchy in an extensive range of topics spanning business, leadership, communication, and relationships.

Having studied History and German Language & Literature with an additional focus on Communication and Psychology at a private liberal arts university in the USA, Matthew´s 25-year career started as a teacher in the good, old-fashioned classroom. Over the past decade he has built a strong reputation as coach, trainer, facilitator, and consultant. In the future he intends to continue to deepen his coaching skillset and involvement in leading coaching associations.

I consider the whole person sitting across from me and place great value on careful listening, differentiated questions and visible empathy. Together we progress towards the goal, a mixture of systematic and spontaneous movement. Each coaching session is marked by my sincere and tangible interest in the healthy, holistic development of the coachee. I personally experience a unique energizing satisfaction in accompanying individuals through the process of self-reflection and growing self-knowledge – always honest and respectful, often challenging and yet friendly. Intuition, physical activity, imagery and simple objects all find their way into effective coaching sessions.